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Coming Summer 2024!

Our goal isn't just to survive; it's to
thrive, to break barriers,
and rewrite the narrative of possibility!

VISION AND IMPORTANCE - Black, Educated, Successful, Thriving (B.E.S.T.) Young Male Enrichment Program

B.E.S.T. is committed to shifting the narrative from the "struggles of the Black man" to implementing solutions that empower young Black males while closing the opportunity gap. 


Our program is meticulously crafted with the Black male experience at its core, striving not just for societal survival but for the flourishing of young Black males. Leveraging an asset-based approach and social cognitive career theory, B.E.S.T. proactively equips participants with vital resources to unlock their full potential while navigating and mitigating barriers to college and career success.


The urgency for such a program is underscored by systemic data illuminating the educational and professional hurdles facing Black males. Factors such as limited access to quality resources, systemic racism, and socio-economic barriers contribute to lower graduation rates from high school and college, impeding progress into professional careers, and economic mobility. Targeted support is imperative for increasing access, graduation, recruitment, and retention rates for Black males in Minnesota. B.E.S.T. is poised to make a significant impact in bridging these gaps by addressing these disparities head-on.


From 9th grade onwards, B.E.S.T. enrolls students, providing continuous support and tailored programming throughout high school, college, and the first year of their careers.

Our holistic approach encompasses academic support (workshops and tutoring), life skills training, mentorship opportunities, career exploration and readiness, college preparation, health and wellbeing initiatives, and financial literacy and wealth development.

These components are meticulously designed to instill confidence, foster a growth mindset, and prepare participants to overcome the academic, professional, and social challenges of adulthood.


Our programs, both during the academic year and summer, are tailored to the unique experiences of Black male youths and young adults, fostering a supportive community that cultivates success and resilience.

To measure our effectiveness, B.E.S.T. employs a blend of qualitative and quantitative measures. Pre- and post-program surveys assess changes in participants' self-reported readiness for college and career, understanding of academic performance expectations, and confidence in navigating college and career life. 

B.E.S.T Formula.png

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - We track and report scholars' high school graduation, college entry, degree attainment, and career entry. 


B.E.S.T. values co-creation and is committed to ensuring that major program decisions are made in collaboration WITH a council of program participants.


With gratitude for the Northside Youth Enrichment Fund (NYEF), generously supported by the Northside Funders Group, B.E.S.T. will launch in the summer of 2024 with its inaugural cohort consisting of Black male high school graduates from North Minneapolis embarking on their college journeys. 

Our mission begins on the Northside, with aspirations to eventually scale the B.E.S.T. model nationwide!

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